White PAC

White poly aluminium chloride is made of high-grade reaction by first grade aluminium hydroxide powder and high purity hydrochloric acid. The solid is a white micropowder and the 10% aqueous solution is a colorless, transparent liquid. White poly aluminium chloride is a pre hydrolytic product of aluminium chloride, and its degree of hydrolysis is relatively low. White poly aluminium chloride is a kind of spray drying PAC. Its iron content is below 100PPm. White poly aluminium chloride belongs to food grade PAC.

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Product Details

Product Features:

1. White poly aluminium chloride contains a large number of positively charged and stable polynuclear hydroxyl aluminium complexes, which can effectively promote flocculation and sizing.
2. The appearance is white and the iron content is very low, which can meet the needs of making good paper.
3. White poly aluminium chloride can be used in acid and neutral environments.

Product Parameters:

White poly aluminium chloride Technical Data

Iterm Data
Appearance white powder
Al2O3 Content % ≥30.0
Basicity % 40-60
Water Insoluble % ≤0.3
Fe % ≤0.3

Application and After-Sales Service:

1. White poly aluminium chloride is mainly used for the treatment of drinking water, industrial water supply, oilfield reinjection water, circulating cooling water and various sewage (such as urban domestic sewage, oily sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, papermaking sewage, steel plant sewage, etc.).
2. White poly aluminium chloride can used as paper sizing precipitant, sugar decolorizing clarifier.
3.White poly aluminium chloride is used in many fields such as tanning, medicine, cosmetics and precision casting.
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