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Gongyi filter industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a joint-stock enterprise reformed from the original state-owned enterprise. The company is located in No.8 Chaoyang Road, Gongyi industrial demonstration zone, Henan Province, China's water purification material production base. The company has wholly-owned subsidiaries of Wuhan filter source water purification materials Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Yiqing Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., and has formed main products of water treatment materials such as polyaluminum ferric chloride, polyferric sulfate, polyacrylamide and water treatment filter material products. Its main business is the production, R & D and sales of water treatment materials, water treatment engineering design, construction, technology application, technology transfer and general contracting services. It has made outstanding achievements in the fields of wastewater treatment, circulating water, reclaimed water reuse, energy conservation and emission reduction in large and medium-sized domestic oil, paper, chemical, metallurgical, electri...


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